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Witold Janiak Trio

Zagrajcie swoją muzykę

Spielt eure Musik

Weltmusik war schon immer die interessanteste Inspirationsquelle für den Jazz. Musiker aus aller Welt suchten in der Musik ihrer Vorfahren nach den Antworten in Bezug auf die quälenden Fragen wie man sich am besten in der (modernen) Welt zurechtfindet. „Hier stellen volkstümliche Phrasen den Vorwand für schöne und weite Reisen dar. Polnische Musik ist wunderschön. Polnischer Jazz auch."  (Jazz Forum)

Witold Janiak – Pianist, Komponist. Absolvent der Musikakademie in Katowice. Preisträger des Wettbewerbs zeitgenössischer Musik 1998 in Kraków. Er war zweifacher Preisträger des Jazzoscars der Melomani-Gesellschaft in den Jahren 2009 und 2014. Er arbeitete u.a. mit Zbigniew Namysłowski, Cezary Konrad, Piotr Baron, Maciej Strzelczyk, Krzysztof Ścierański, Michał Kobojek, Adam Rymarz sowie Tatiana Okupnik und Monika Brodka zusammen.

Witold Janiak – piano
Rafał Różalski – contrabass
Kamil Miszewski – drums

"Just play your music…", nine authentic traditional tunes in an original setting. In acoustic terms, this is a continuation of the jazz trio formula. This setting has been confirmed to be attractive by great success during concerts in Poland and abroad, promoting the previous CD ("Cinema meets Jazz").

Just like before, excellent young musicians joined me - Rafał Różalski
on double bass and Kamil Miszewski on drums.

In our latest recordings our style, well recognizable and popular among our audience, combining jazz means of expression with ease of articulation, has been enriched by elements deeply and undoubtedly Polish. This is not, however, just a mechanical transposition of traditional themes into the language of jazz. We attempt to create a new quality, inspired by the essence of Polish rural tradition. We compose a subjective melody texture, energetic, sometimes nostalgic, the tale of our culture, tradition and identity. Simply, the ”Polish Jazz”.

just play your music…

There is a story connected with the origin of this CD. This is a true story and stimulated the recording of this music. There were jazz workshops organized at one of the Polish universities. Famous black musicians were present. At some stage one of the invited musicians, tired of the repertoire so well known to them, said to the students:

“Look, this is music from the States
and its history is well known to us all.
We all play it and it is cool.
But we would love to know you and your origins better.
So just play your music now…”

And there was silence….

A handful of reviews from the previous Witold Janiak’s CD:
"Cinema meets Jazz":

„This music is simply fabulous and excellent to listen to in various circumstances.”
Jazz Forum

„In total this is almost 66 minutes of warm acoustic sound filled from the first to the last note with a wide range of emotions… A CD to be recommended.”
Gazeta Wyborcza

„A new talent. (...) Even the most common themes have been enriched with novelty.”
W Sieci

„Instead of a patchwork of popular film themes, we find a real jazz recording, with a transparent and clear stylistic structure, free and light, even nonchalant, so characteristic for Janiak’s compositions. Personal attitude to the selected music themes is reflected in their sounding, which in many moments creates deeply personal and emotional climate.”

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"Zagrajcie swoją muzykę…" Witold Janiak Trio cz.1
"Zagrajcie swoją muzykę…" Witold Janiak Trio cz.2
"Nowa Tradycja" 2014: zespół Witold Janiak Trio (Dwójka)
Witold Janiak Trio Nowa Płyta

tel. 605 369 796

Karten: € 10,- / ermäßigt € 8,-


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